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Sanjay Van - Tourist or Haunted Place? Check out !!!

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Sanjay Van

The ends of the week are for city backwoods. This weekend I visited Sanjay Van which is 443 sections of land of woods close to Vasant Kunj and Mehrauli in Delhi and the city's green lungs. Loaded up with thick timberlands it's a beautiful spot to travel! The forest also has its medicinal forest part. Children and tourists visit especially there to appreciate its beauty and learn about flora. Delhi is a populated city and with less greenery around.

I truly can't get over how nature can flourish in the midst of such a lot of contamination yet I suppose that is who she is a power who can flourish anyplace we offer her the chance to.

This is the reason it's so significant for us to greenify any space we can get our hands on, be it an overhang, a window sill, or even a local area park.

Maintenance by DDA: The flora and fauna in Sanjay Van were depleting fast, which raised the concern for its restoration. Due to this reason, the forest is currently going under restoration through a collaborative effort of a citizen’s group called Working with Nature and Delhi Development Authority (DDA). Since 2010, DDA has been working to bring the forest to its original form.

Sanjay Van Lakes Or Ponds

Lake/Ponds: There is a lake built in Sanjay Van. The lake is around mid-route into the backwoods. It is a fake lake made only a couple of years back. There was polluted water before the making of the lake. Afterward, the water was redirected and the lake was made. There are even ducks at the spot now so it appears to be engaging.

The Sanjay Van in Delhi covers a region of 443 sections of land. It is fanned out in an enormous territory wealthy in different sorts of vegetation.

The Sanjay Van in Delhi has five lakes in it. The main lake gets water from Neela Hauz Lake and treated sewage from Vasant Kunj Sewage Treatment Plant. The water from lake one at that point moves through lake two, three, and four lastly arrives at lake five. The water from lake five travels through channel lines to Hauz Khas Lake where it is utilized for sporting purposes.

Doors in Sanjay Van

There are in all-out five entryways to Sanjay Van.

The primary Sanjay Van passage door is in the southwest region close to Jawaharlal Nehru University.

The subsequent door is close to Gorakhnath sanctuary and one needs to go for 1.370km.

The third door is close to Rockland clinic and travel from that point is around 1.70km.

The movement from the fourth entryway is around 3.170km.

The fifth entryway is close to TB medical clinic.

Spots To Visit In Sanjay Van

Lookout: There is a watching tower in the woodland to appreciate the grand magnificence from the top view. It is useful for bird watching and getting a charge out of the excellence around. Likewise, guests can appreciate bird watching from that point.

Lakes/Ponds: There are wonderful lakes and Ponds around the woodland which are wealthy in common excellence. One can visit there and appreciate the place with friends and family.

Mayur Pahari: There is a spot in Sanjay Van around 200 to 300 meters from entryway number 3 called Mayur Pahari. Guests typically go there and live it up. They click photographs there and have picnics. They can even appreciate rock moving there as there are a few rocks at this spot. A few groups particularly visit there for a photo shoot too. In any event, wedding photography happens at that particular site.

Mehrauli Medical woodland: The timberland has an assorted assortment of therapeutic plants. Accordingly, an exceptional arrangement has been set to mindful guests about them. This spot is close by door number 4 that is close to Qutub Minar. The Mehrauli Medical backwoods guide leads toward two different ways: the one is towards the middle intersection of the timberland and the subsequent one prompts the primary traffic circle of the TB clinic.

Activities In Sanjay Van

Here, we have enrolled a portion of the exercises that one can appreciate in Sanjay Van:

Cycling: One can do cycling inside the woodland while getting a charge out of the magnificence of nature.

Birds watching: Sanjay Van is a perfect spot for bird sweethearts. There are assortments of birds that can be found in the woods. Some uncommon cases can likewise be seen there.

Rock climbing: Visitors can likewise appreciate rock moving at Mayur Pahari. There are a few rocks at the spot and one can appreciate it there.

City View: Another pleasant thing about Sanjay Van is one can appreciate the city from the lookout. The delightful nature around and city is itself a decent mix.

How Might One Reach Sanjay Van?

There are two different ways to arrive at Sanjay Van for example by street or metro.

By street: The backwoods is arranged on the Delhi-Nainital street. One can take either a transport or taxi to reach there. Another choice is to pass by your own vehicle. One can leave the vehicle before entryway number three that is close to Rockland medical clinic.

By Metro: There are three closest metro stations to Sanjay Van Delhi, inside the scope of two kilometers.

Qutub Minar Metro station

RK Puram Metro station

Saket Metro station

In the event that one is passing by his own vehicle, he can leave it before door number three close to Rockland emergency clinic.

Timing: Sanjay Van passage timing is opening up at 6:00 am. There are watches on the entryways around evening time so nobody can enter.

Open days: The Sanjay Van is open for the entire week that is including Sunday.

Is Sanjay Van A Haunted Place?

The Sanjay Van is viewed as one of the spooky spots in Delhi. There is a tale about Sanjay Van in Delhi. It is accepted that there are graves of Sufi holy people in the woods and furthermore broken bulwarks of Qila Rai Pithora. Nearby individuals say that they have felt the presence of something around them. Some additionally guarantee that they have listened to giggling and cries out of nowhere when they are separated from everyone else in the woods. A few groups even say that they have seen a woman in a white saree who vanishes noticeably all around out of nowhere.

The Sanjay Van Delhi frequented story is that there is a street going through the timberland. Individuals have seen a woman dressed in white around it who looks for help. She possibly shows up around evening time and the insane part is on the off chance that somebody stops, she disappears noticeably all around. She is seen strolling through the backwoods or sitting along the street requesting a lift. A few groups even say that they have seen her pursuing their vehicles in the event that they don't stop for lift. The spookiest of everything is that a few groups say that they have seen her sitting on the tree above and taking a gander at them with her dead and cold eyes. However, there is no strong confirmation of the presence of apparitions there. It very well may be a fantasy also.


It is hard to go through the entire backwoods in one single day. Be that as it may, one ought to clearly set aside effort to value the magnificence of nature. Now and then, between the traffic and blockage, it's difficult to take a full breath and notice the indigenous habitat of Delhi, to perceive what's changed as the city has developed or what's undermined by that change.

Truth be told, the Delhi district is one of mind-blowing regular excellence, and biodiversity, on the off chance that you pause and set aside the effort to look, and Sanjay Van, is the excellent yet ignored green space in the core of the city.

There is such a lot of variety in Delhi, and the more we know, the more we can do to ensure the fragile equilibrium that keeps the climate spotless and sound. So take a stab at going for an early morning stroll to Sanjay Van, and see it for yourself!

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