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Lord Hanuman Visits In Sri Lanka Every 41 Years Myth Or Truth?

Updated: Jul 27, 2021


Would you trust us on the off chance that we disclosed to you Lord Hanuman visits the planet every 41 years? Not just visit, he additionally converses with individuals and bestows his incomparable information to their new age.


Then you should definitely go through this Article!

Wanna know why? Scroll Down to get all your answers.

If the legend is to be accepted, Lord Hanuman visits Setuu Hanuman Bodhi sanctuary situated in the wildernesses of Piduru mountain, Sri Lanka. The vast majority of the tribals in Sri Lanka are supposed to be Vibhishana's relatives yet this one specific clan called 'Mathangs' is identified with Lord Hanuman.

Individuals of this clan guarantee that Lord Hanuman is godlike and visits them at regular intervals. Individuals of this clan consider Hanuman as their Guru who has preeminent information that shows them the correct way. The Mathangs also keep a 'logbook' where they record every word expressed and 'leelas' performed by Lord Hanuman.

A Sri Lankan association called Setuu is examining this 'logbook' and direct projects for Hanuman lovers who can do 'Sadhna' under the direction of Setuu aces. Enthusiasts who qualify every one of the rules will be qualified for Hanuman's 'sakshaat darshan'.

It is difficult to visit this spot and meet Lord Hanuman face to face. The Setuu has certain conditions that should be remembered which incorporates committing one complete year with the help of Lord Hanuman. During this one year, the enthusiast can't have any contact with the rest of the world and his spirit ought to be profoundly associated with Lord Hanuman.

To get chosen for the 'Saadhna' one necessities to answer the address asked by the Setuu identified with Lord Hanuman. If the individual is found profoundly right, he is permitted to visit the spot and meet Lord Hanuman. The spot additionally has an impression of Lord Hanuman.

Where enthusiasts perform 'Charan Pooja' and 'Sakshat Hanuman Pooja' is called 'HanuMandal'. It is a circle made with wheat flour on which exceptional oil lights are lit. Aside from the Mathangs, Setuu Masters or the fans who have effectively finished one year of complete dedication to Hanuman can enter this spot. This circle is typically made either in a cavern or in thick timberland and Lord Hanuman shows up just on the circle.

Lord Hanuman's visit to Sri Lanka in 2014

Lord Hanuman (around 5000 BC), one of the Immortals of Hinduism, is reported to have been seen in Sri Lanka in 2014. It is likewise revealed that he visits Lanka consistently a sub-clan of Veddah in Lankan Jungles. Hanuman is reported to have visited Lanka, as indicated by this clan during Vibhishana's Rule!

Setuu, a profound association in Sri Lanka, examines this and has the accompanying distributed on their site.

I have checked the web, there is by all accounts no logical inconsistency. More data regarding the veracity of this is required.

"This secret clan is fundamentally a sub-clan of Veddah who is a native individual of Sri Lanka. An otherworldly association called Setu is considering this clan and has thought of some surprising disclosures. Individuals of this clan are exceptionally profound and disengaged from the advanced world. They live in their universe of wilderness with monkeys and birds. Their set of experiences returns to the Ramayana time frame. As per Setu, Lord Hanuman wandered in different spots of the planet. Around then He visited the realm of Vibhishana in Lanka as well. He lived with predecessors of this clan and gave them incomparable information.

Investigation of Setu uncovers that Lord Hanuman comes to meet these individuals at regular intervals and He came to meet them as of in the not so distant future. The next appearance may occur around the year 2055.

While Lord Hanuman stays with this clan, the head of the clan notes down each discussion and occurrence in a logbook. Setuu is considering this logbook and deciphering it in current dialects. Setuu has posted the first part of the logbook on their site www. which uncovers how Lord Hanuman showed up in the wilderness a few days prior. In the first section, it is referenced that Lord Hanuman was perched on the highest point of a slope of Nuwera Eliya when the top of the clan went there one evening. In the following sections, it will be portrayed how Lord Hanuman managed the woods' inhabitants and what discussions occurred between them.

Unmistakably we people of computerized age might be exceptionally best in class in numerous things yet with regards to the profound headway, these woodland occupants are route ahead than us. While we may see everything with the crystal of our self-characterized soundness, there are heavenly things that exist past our little universe of "work, home, and get-aways".

From Setu site :

In 2014, Lord Hanuman visited them. His next visit will occur following 41 years, for example in 2055. This year, Setuu Researchers were up to date on His arrival. They needed to see Him with their actual eyes. They communicated their craving to the Head of the clan. Yet, they were unable to breeze through the assessment of the virtue needed to see Lord Hanuman. They were informed that they are not unadulterated spirits henceforth, their eyes can't see Him. At the time of Lord Hanuman's visit, Mathangs structure a circle of virtue around themselves which is designated "HanuMandal". No debased soul can go into the circle. They stay inside that circle and cooperate with Shri Hanuman.

According to the Setuu site, Individuals were almost perfect in Satyuga. After that disintegration of Sanskaras began and now in Kaliyuga, they are not even unadulterated enough to see the immortal Lord Hanuman. Last time in written history, there is a notice of Lord Hanuman meeting Bheema during the Mahabharata period. Be that as it may, Mathangs are unadulterated to date. Regardless of whether little pollutant surfaces in their new age, Lord Hanuman comes after every 41 years to sanitize them totally with His Brahma Gyan.

You Must Be Wondering What Lord Hanuman Did When He Came In 2014?

As per Setuu, Indeed, even the birds and monkeys who live with Mathangs are cleaner spirits than the individuals of standard society. Mathangs can converse with the birds and monkeys in their language. At the point when Lord Hanuman comes to them at regular intervals, all birds, monkeys, and Mathangs love Him in their particular manner and connect with Him. They converse with Him how we converse with one another. The whole ceremonies and parades which are completed by Mathangs in presence of Lord Hanuman are recorded by the head of the clan in a "Log Book".

27th May 2014 was a day ago of Lord Hanuman's visit to Mathangs. After that, Researchers of the Setuu Organization have been interfacing with the head of Mathang to sort out what discussions occurred between them (Monkeys, Birds, and Mathangs) and Him (Lord Hanuman). They have been attempting to decipher their logbook in our language. At long last, they can interpret it and they are presently posting the whole logbook section by part in Hindi and English.

If you are an enthusiast of Lord Hanuman, He knows you. Subsequently, don't get shocked if you discover a discussion where some episode of your life is referenced in any section.

Note. Mathangs and their companion Animals have their comprehension of the world. For instance, we individuals of standard society recognize each other with faces and names. Additionally, they have their component to distinguish one another.

For effortlessness, Setuu Researchers have given them their names and terms in these interpretations. In this way, they have deciphered their words as well as their comprehension of the words.

Setuu Asia is the lone otherworldly association on the planet that is completely committed to interfacing human creatures with the undying Lord Hanuman. They are situated in Colombo because Mathangs of Sri Lanka can lead them to the way which goes to Lord Hanuman.

The Day Lord Hanuman shows up before researchers of the world, that day science will gain new measurements. That day Setuu's fantasy will be satisfied.

"Setuu" is gotten from Sanskrit which signifies "connect". They are building the extension of correspondence between people and Lord Hanuman.


Hindu folklore is loaded with captivating anecdotes about Gods and Goddesses. While the reason for this article isn't to feature the break between the adherents and nonbelievers, it's to achieve stories from our folklore that we haven't known about previously.

But the more confusing fact here is, we are still in doubt regarding Lord Hanuman's visit in 2014 and also His next arrival in 2055. Whether everything mentioned by Setuu researchers on their site is True or just a Myth or the guarantee given by the Mathang clan is real or just a Folk Tale.

What's your point of view about this Legend? Do you really believe that Lord Hanuman is gonna visit in the year 2055? Have you ever encountered a nearby experience with God? Share them with us in the comment section!

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