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How to keep your nutrition in check when your home is your office?

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Are you working from home and wondering what your next meal will be, and further, how to make sure it’s healthy?

You’re on a conference call and somehow wandered into the kitchen. Next thing you know you’re eating crackers and dry cereal out of the box. Or maybe you got so caught up in a project that you suddenly realize you haven’t eaten a thing all day. Or perhaps the “I’ll just have a handful of chips as I work” mentality turned into accidentally eating the entire bag. Do you want to know how to eat healthy when working from home?

Keeping your nutrition in check can be tough when your home is your office. You feel comfortable and there’s plenty of food available. And unlike in the office, you’re free to graze all day and the fridge is all yours. But this habit can wreak havoc on your waistline, sabotage weight loss, and halt your productivity.

Do you feel like working from home makes you default to unhealthy eating habits?

Or, are you looking for fresh tips for how to keep your eating healthy, to spice things up?

We had formed lots of good habits for healthy eating while we were traveling, and those stuck with us even after we returned home. Among these was a conscious effort to stay hydrated, shopping with an emphasis on local produce (fruits and vegetables), and cooking whenever possible.

Here’s what’s up: forgetting to choose healthy habits has become one of the most common mistakes when transitioning to working from home for the first time.

As we’re working from home as a couple, our household is a balance of time in the home office and time in the kitchen.

When we’re not in the kitchen, we’re aiming to conquer all the ways we can eat healthy while working from home and eliminate any doubts about wellness in our diets.

Healthy eating combats illness, fatigue, and other bad habits, which are all especially important when working from home. Could that be why health for work-from-home professionals is a trend for working from home in 2021?

If you’re working from home for the first time, juggling the new work from the home schedule with figuring out how to stay healthy and well can be overwhelming.

We want to support you with the following tips, which cover our main goals of healthy eating while working from home, including:

How to eliminate junk food as snacks when you work from home

How to portion meals and avoid overeating while working from home

How to figure out how to “meal prep” as a remote worker

How to pick foods that are both filling and make you feel good when you’re home and working

Let’s begin. What do we do every day to stay healthy as remote workers?

Avoid sugary-heavy drinks by replacing them with seltzer, flavored water, and tea.

One of the biggest Becca-Dan rules is “no sugary drinks at home.” For this reason, we own a very dependable Soda Stream.

The Soda Stream lets you take regular drinking water and turn it into a big bottle of carbonated water, or seltzer, as it’s called, regionally. If you want to make it feel like it came from a restaurant, squeeze in some fresh lime or lemon, or an assortment of crushed berries for some natural flavor.

In our home, we never – and I mean never! – buy sugary sodas or even bottled drinks with added white sugar. We don’t buy juices, and if we do choose to have some fruit juice, we avoid juice from concentrate (which has less fiber and nutrients).

As an all-day drink, I drink tea (no milk, no white sugar). For flavor, I’ll sometimes add a little bit of honey (I admit it’s sugar, but I don’t do it with every cup).

For all other drinkings, consider water your healthiest choice.

If you want to limit snacking when you work from home, do meal prep.