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Is 5G Radiation Really Harmful?

Presently, people are surrounded by an assumption that the 5G radiation is really harmful to their health, causing a life disruption for humans, many animals, and even for plants. 5G was invented to make life easier and more reliable for everyone, but the folks around the world put up a fight against the deployment of 5G networks and mobile towers considering it dangerous to the complete society and our environment.

5G is not owned by a single company, it has many contributors involved who played an essential role in giving birth to 5G.

Before the 5G invention, we had 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G (LTE) mobile network, but 5G brought a drastic change in our lives making them more comfortable both technically and physically.

What is 5G and What does it do?

5G is the fifth generation mobile technology taking the world faster towards a digitalized world and a new wireless stand that works globally at a greater level in comparison to the earlier 2G, 3G, and 4G cellular networks. It's framed in such a way that it can connect many devices at one time without facing any time lag, helps the users to download anything on their mobile phones or technological devices in a minute only whereas earlier in 4G network it took at least 5-10 minutes to download the data.

Astonished, right?

But yes, this 5G network has got many advantages with itself to bring a great transformation in our daily life.

Myths about 5G

As per the studies we found that there is a group of people scared of wireless techs as they think it's the biggest reason for causing health issues all over the world, that's why there are ongoing protests in several countries of the world i.e. Belarus, Austria, Netherland, and so many others against the setting up of telecommunication towers in their surrounding area.

In 2020, a Global Mobile Survey was conducted in 15 countries knowing their opinion about 5G cellular network, and resultantly 7 out of the 15 countries agreed to the harmful effects of wireless broadband or 5G network.

Here are some statistical data showing misconception of countries about 5G network!

  1. 15% of the population in Austria consider 5G radiations disastrous for health.

  2. 8% of people in China believe telecommunication networks should be avoided to stay healthy and safe.

  3. As per the research, 43% of people globally count 5G radiations as the biggest factor of having cancer.

Advantages of 5G Mobile Networks

According to the studies 5G has brought a new face to the world technologies and changing everyone's lives drastically. It has also got great improvements with it and will have far-reaching benefits for the coming generations.

There is a great value of pros observed regarding 5G.

  1. 5G cellular speed is 100 times faster than 4G.

  2. Great potential for future innovations.

  3. Brought a drastic transformation digitally and physically.

  4. It can handle a lot of applications altogether.

  5. It also helped in fighting against Covid-19 in several ways - a) Real-time mentoring.

b) A supply chain for Medicines and other health equipment.

c) Supporting several Medical Applications.

d) Telesurgery is one of the most counted benefits in the medical field.


In the end, we just need to focus more on the positive aspects of the 5G cellular network and its functioning in a better way. We must admire the changes it has brought in our daily lives and making them comfortable and reliable.

"In fact, the WHO report also ensures that using 5G network is not at all unsafe for society, and it has also taken a leap forward in the clinical system bringing a great quality in the technical field."

Therefore, you can use the latest 5G technology without having any second thought in your mind about it!

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