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Must-Visit Place For Every Individual - Jamali Kamali Mosque & Tomb!!

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

The first genuine experience with Mehrauli Archeological Park was the latest year, where I visited with my friends. That's the point at which I undertook the responsibility to Explore the undetected spots in Delhi. Even though I had visited some unexplored landmarks prior in different pieces of the city too, But as far as I might be concerned, Qutub Minar was the absolute first landmark, where I was dropped in to explore the Monument.

At the point when I visited Jamali Kamali's burial place and mosque again, I invested somewhat more energy, getting amazed by the Structure and plan that this landmark has conveyed every one, of these hundreds of years.

The Archaeological park holds such a fantastic legacy that every individual would love to pay his visit to this spot, persistently. One will definitely get to drop by the Burial chamber and mosque of Jamali Kamali as one of the primary landmarks, whether he enters the recreation center from the Mehrauli Gurgaon street side, being the fundamental access to the center, or regardless of coming from Qutub Minar Metro Station.

I missed so awfully, the burial place of Jamali Kamali for such a long time, as there was a covet in my heart to visit the place over and over again. Even though I was fascinated by the burial chamber of Azim khan, but that too I had quite recently overlooked, during each one of the occasions I paid a visit to this spot. Landmarks like Jamali Kamali make me gaga for this city too as it's holding such great Legacies with itself, where one would urge to call on, time and again.

Since my childhood, I believed that this capital city was only known for Red Fort and Qutub Minar. But my first visit to Delhi presented me with the never visited places of the city that I had neither read in my childhood nor taught about.

Background of Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque

Undoubtedly, Delhi is the place where one will get to see a lot of Landmarks, with the scarcity of shreds of evidence and proofs regarding the History of the place. Jamali Kamali's burial chamber and the mosque is one of those Landmarks.

Antiquarians have various speculations to set up reality behind the historical backdrop of Jamali Kamali's burial chamber and mosque. However, we don't have any proof, whether each one of those speculations is valid or not. Likewise, to believe so many speculations one needs a definite or substantial source, being a bedrock to prove the reality, behind the story of the monument.

When I went through the place, in burrowing data about the set of experiences regarding Jamali Kamali's burial place and the mosque, I only got a sack loaded with various speculations, which can't be believed upon, so easily. As far as I might be concerned, these speculations or theories are merely the assumptions made by different researchers.

Anyways, now it's high time to make Jamali Kamali our Focal point.

Sheik Hamid Fazlu'ullah was a Sufi holy person and a wonderful artist, being acknowledged by various names and Sheik Jamal-ud-din Kamboh Dehlwai (Jamal Khan) was one of those names. He was notorious or recognized with the name Jamali, which was his pen name. He was part of a Sunni dealer family and Delhi was under Sikandar Lodhi's rule when he dropped in. Getting notorious for his Great Verses and Sikandar Lodhi, as vocalized by Historians, was so intrigued with Jamali's work that he appointed him in his court to get his work revised by him, as Sikandar Lodhi was a Great Poet as well.

Individuals were so intrigued by the lovely words he used to pen down, that they started calling him Jamali. He was the follower of a wonderful Sufi artist, Sheik Sama-ud-din. Jamali turned into the court artist during the period of Babur and Humayun and lived there till his demise.

But according to facts, very little is thought about the other individual Kamali. The story behind his existence is still a secret. Nobody knows whether he was Jamali's pupil or who he was actually. So many Historians have put up various speculations to get an idea about the background of Kamali, but to date, none has gained any knowledge about him, all they have is, a bag full of assumptions, about which no man has got any concrete idea.

Some stories that we all will get about Jamali Kamali burial place and mosque on the web:

1.Kamali was Jamali's darling and the two of them were gay.

2. Kamali was Jamali's better half, who was later depicted as a male.

3. Kamali was a writer and Jamali assumed praise for his verse.

4. Kamali used to serve Jamali as a worker.

We can get a lot of facts to read about both of them, but it's not easy to believe or trust them all.

Presently we should discuss the set of experiences behind the Jamali Kamali mosque and burial place. As we all know, Jamali was a well-known artist and Sufi holy person who made his place in the Mughal court because of the Great verses written by him, and that's the reason he had an incredible impact on everyone and being loved for his work. According to Online realities, Jamali Kamali's burial place was constructed by Humayun, after Jamali's passing. The construction of the spot was started around 1528-29 and completed around 1536, as per the facts, presented by various Historians, and after the passing of Jamali, he was covered at this Landmark.

Design of The Monument

The red sandstone alongside marble embellishment has been used in a great number in the construction of the Mosque, having a wonderful chance lobby and a yard too. The biggest Focal curve or a Central Arch has the spandrels enhanced with a ton of emblems on them, the mosque has also got one vault and five curves. One who visits the mosque will definitely get to discover mihrab on the dividers with many engravings from the Quran. The mosque has got adorned arcades that actually hold the carvings and improvement. As it's been vocalized by different Historians, this mosque is viewed as the heralds of the relative multitude of different mosques.

The burial place of Jamali Kamali is all around brightened. The level roof of the chamber is intensely brightened and put, having been painted with blue and red ink. If we talk about the dividers of the chamber, they have got a ton of sonnets composed by Jamali, and also shaded tiles have been used to brighten the walls. The burial place has been enhanced wonderfully to such an extent that, one can never be able to stop loving this place and the memories of his visit to the Landmark would never leave his or her mind. Having two graves, One has a place with Jamali and one has a place with Kamali. Being built near one another, on the off chance that you see them with your complete focus on them, you will imagine that the two of them were darlings.

The burial place of Jamali Kamali remains bolted and has been fixed to stay away from the pubic section. As the landmark doesn't add anything to business the travel industry, in this way, the passage entryway of the burial chamber has been fixed. The dividers of the mosque have got love letters on them which one will get to see, whenever he or she pays visit here. The most Pitiful part of the Landmark I got to see was, that Individuals have composed their names on the dividers, which is Foiling the Legacy of the place and its magnificent beauty.

Want to know the Timing to visit the Jamali Kamali Burial Place and Mosque?

One doesn't need to visit Jamali Kamali with an entry ticket, between 10 AM - 6 PM. Being situated in Mehrauli Archeological Park, there are a few different landmarks inside the recreation center which you should visit when you come here.

During my visit to Jamali Kamali burial place and mosque, a lot of landmarks in the recreation center were shut while some were open, which didn't sound good to me, as I found many Landmarks open while some unknown or obscure monuments were closed, which was the bewildering thing about this place for me.

Myths About Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque

According to some fantasies, Jamali Kamali's burial place and the mosque is known to be spooky. Individuals have encountered ghostly exercises here, as heard by folks. They have heard voices, creatures snarling, somebody's breath close to the ear, or they have seen white lights and something frightful, that's why it's said, that the place has got the existence of Jinns.


But we don't know whether all these fantasies about this place, are merely concocted stories or the Truth. What's your opinion about all the fantasies mentioned in this Article? Are they really True Stories, or just Cooked up? Please offer your opinion in the comment section!!

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