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Do you know the biggest theme park in North India? See this !!

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

The second-biggest city of Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur brings out history and religion. The business and monetary center of the state is arranged on the banks of the blessed stream Ganga. One of the notorious milestones of the city is the prestigious Blue World Theme Park.

Amusement Parks have been the most famous get-away objective for daredevils and individuals hoping to get away from the burning warmth of the urban communities. Blue World Theme Park of Kanpur proffers a lot of rides that energize guests, all things considered.

A diversion selection of travelers is loaded with audacious rides and marvelous shows including a flying merry-go-round, spinning pinnacle, and hopping frog ride. It is run with individuals who are excited to have family-accommodating fun. Blue World Theme Park has a changed scope of attractions from smooth to outrageous rush.

It additionally includes energizing rides that amaze the riders and have their adrenaline siphoning. Astounding photograph wellspring is the first of its sort private melodic wellspring in India. One of the key features is the laser show on the water screen that is valued by all explorers.

Different attractions incorporate Western train rides, Jet planes, Columbus, and Ferris wheel. Entertainment meccas are frequently visited to appreciate the family-accommodating feel. Kanpur Blue World Theme Park draws a major number of guests who crowd in to encounter its rides, slides, and drops.

Traversing a space of 25 sections of land it highlights shocking subjects and the country's greatest private melodic wellspring and laser show. Highlighting around 10 tremendous slides and 25 invigorating rides, it is an absolute necessity visit objective for all voyagers visiting Kanpur.

Family Rides

Perhaps the most well-known ride that pulls in thrill-seekers is the Columbus ride. Individuals board on a boat named Columbus that swings them here and there. Boarding the Telecombat is a stunning encounter for the riders.

Swing Chairs are delighted in the most by small children as they sit on the energetic and bright seats and take entrancing rides. Polipo Octopus is most appreciated by guests, everything being equal. Individuals can take hypnotizing perspectives on the whole Blue World Theme Park at the Amphido Eye.

Thrill-seekers appreciate the Blue Typhoon that takes every one of the individuals through exciting bends in the road. With Suhana Safar, individuals set out on an excursion to find the way of life and legacy of the nation navigating through sinkholes on a boat. Watch significant occasions like Durga Pooja, huge recorded landmarks, Independence Movement, and notable pioneers.

Guests load up on a journey to the planetarium at the Journey to Space area and find out about the development of the earth, the secrets of the universe, and the planets. The useful show created for individuals of all ages takes them to the world to find everything about the planetarium.

Individuals set out on the Monorail that is injected with rush and invigoration to take a short visit through the Blue World Theme Park. Experience the characters of 7D movies very close at the great 7D Show. It gives a genuine and breathing life into an experience to the onlookers.

Ride on the moving show on the beats of the Dancing Violin interests the riders. Polipo Octopus brings individuals here and there through its five to eight arms. Park includes a loosening up boat voyage crossing around the fake lake with the stunning Dragon Bridge and Chinese structural landmarks in the background.

Striking Car rides are the most charming rides as the relatives continue hitting each other riding the thrilling vehicles.

Roller coasters

Blue World Theme Park holds an engaging and nation's first point-based Chair Lift where individuals travel in the Chair that is 40 to 60 feet over the ground and crosses a space of 1000 feet. The longest Chair Lift can convey just two individuals all at once.

A noticeable component is the Free Fall that fuses speed, tallness, and a high measure of actual work. Additionally famous as a limit sport it shows a tumble from a tall construction associated with a huge versatile line. Riders board on their number one ride on the thrill ride for an unfathomable adrenaline surge.

Children Zone

Amusement Parks are most appreciated by kids. Blue World Theme Park is known for its family-accommodating attractions which incorporate a unique zone for the children. Adding to their joy are the Flying Chopper, Jingle Bells, and Umbrella Ride.

Kids would feel it to be the best spot to sprinkle around. Children would relax loading up on the Flying Chopper which is an alternate adaptation of the merry-go-round. Children sit on the mounted log to take one sensational twist. Signal Bells is the most delightful ride by kids where they board the toy train and take an alluring ride.

Little ones would have some good times as they load up on the Umbrella Ride that takes the youngsters up to the sky and afterward plummet back. More youthful parcel matured three to eight years would have some good times sitting on the brilliant ducks that take them on a delicate ride.

Kids would appreciate the little forms of the pool, fun slides, and movement focus at the Tiny Tots Zone. They will have a good time and skip as they get wild at the Tiny Tots Zone. Sun and the moon at the Toon Tango bring kids all over all the while turning themselves.

The children's zone additionally includes the bouncing frog which is a mix of the carousel and the hopping frog that gives the children an impression of sitting on a frog.

Another striking component is the loosening up ride of the cup and saucer where the little ones can sit inside the bright cups. A Carousel is a vital ride that children matured between five years to ten years appreciate the most.

Pixie Land Water World

Go soaring down the astonishing drop of the wave sprinter that is the superb fascination among the guests. Relatives are charmed to bounce onboard the Family Raft Ride that breezes their way through dim caves and pushes forward energetically through twists and steep drops.

Family Raft Rides are available by at least 3 and a limit of 4 riders. In the event that there is a gathering of multiple riders, they would be parted into 3-4 individuals each.

Daredevils would appreciate flying around an enormous Funnel Ride lastly falling down the colossal passage. The exciting bends in the road of the ride add to their enjoyment. Rambunctious experience fans can be seen shouting however much they might want as they slide down through awesome wine tool passages or fourfold drop slides of the Master Blaster.

Blue Wonder Theme Park highlights Splash Out where guests take fun rides lastly sprinkle in the cool waters. Activity pressed Typhoon Tunnel stuns the riders as they float down the tallest passage of the recreation center. Individuals would have a great time whooshing down the twin slides at the Body Slide.

Riders push ahead rapidly to fall with a sprinkle through the Wave Runner. Have a fortifying involvement with the cascades where cascade through mountains on the guests. Guests get into the Wave Pool to appreciate exciting sea waves. Venturing inside the Rain Dance zone is one of the most loved exercises of the Blue World Theme Park visitors.


Blue World Theme Park displays fluctuated subjects that interest each guest. One of the key features is the European subject where individuals would get a vibe of meandering through London Street as they go for a walk through the Red courses with an ideal vibe of London.

Strolling through the Fairy Land youngsters will appreciate the atmosphere of pixies in general. Striking Chinese design and mouth-watering Chinese cooking gives a superb method to encounter Chinese culture in the Chinese Theme area.

The astonishing amusement park additionally holds in Mayan and Egyptian topics which entrances each visitor with its eccentric design. India is known for its bunch of societies that exist together agreeably.

Indian subject depicts the lively and rich culture of the country and gives a stimulating encounter to the blue world topic visitors. The wilderness subject gives a natural life experience to its guests with a rich assortment of wild creatures being seen very close.


Delight and fun accessible in bounty at the Blue World Theme Park have commanded the notice of all adrenaline junkies. To strengthen the diversion of the incessant guest's astonishing increments are being presented by Blue World Theme Park which incorporates Saat Samandar Paar, Dinomica, Mall, and Magic Ball.

Saat Samandar Paar will take guests on a journey to the oceanic world for an experience with a few fluctuated types of sea-going animals. The shopping center is a summit of a few engaging occasions that incorporates game zone and Bharat Darshan. Individuals would get to know the country's particular highlights at Bharat Darshan.

The game zone would give an ideal climate to every one of the playful individuals to appreciate a selective assortment of games to be played in a free from any dangerous place.

Meandering through the Dinomica public would get acquainted with the terminated types of dinosaurs. It would highlight every one of the different types of dinosaurs from the infant dinosaur to the monster Theropods. Spouting waters at the Magic Bowl would leave riders awestruck as they take on the most exciting ride.


Visitors can take a tasting experience at the fantastic amusement park that proffers one-of-a-kind eateries to take into account mouth-watering foods. Aquaria gives an outstanding eating experience with a fantastic atmosphere for visitors to taste mouth-watering indulgences while appreciating the water sees.

Venturing into the Ship Restaurant has been a most loved spot for a large portion of the Blue World Theme Park visitors where they will unwind and eat by the poolside. Individuals crowd in to test the shifting scrumptious cooking styles including Indian Street Food to Chinese Cuisine. It additionally includes uncommon culinary choices for the youngsters.

Auntie Granny's sweet bar is the critical feature of Ship Restaurant. Catch a brief look at the province of Punjab as you eat out at the Punjabi Village. Grand miniatures and workmanship enhance the eatery.


The amusement park targets keeping up worldwide principles as such guests are required to arrange with the specialists to keep the recreation center protected and agreeable. The specialists take a day-by-day security check for every one of the rides and have set bouncers with 2-route radios all through the recreation center.

Park has a few CCTV reconnaissance and lifeguards close to all rides. Legitimate emergency treatment and rescue vehicle offices are set inside the recreation center. It is likewise outfitted with fire quenchers at a few spots. Guests are required to coordinate for the security handle of their sacks and to keep away from clothing like sarees, dupatta, formal jeans, shirts, pants, underwear, school uniform, and denim while taking the rides. Guests are educated to wear nice clothing. They are not permitted to take make a plunge pool.

Just outfits that fulfill worldwide guidelines of wellbeing are allowed and are accessible on lease at the Park. Outfits are accessible at a lease of Rs 200 with the security charges refundable on the arrival of the ensemble. Storage office can be benefited at an expense of Rs. 150 with security charges being refundable.

Rides have been isolated by statures as such kids are banned from taking certain rides as per the tallness boundaries. High-velocity rides are confined to pregnant ladies, individuals experiencing heart infections, and those having hypertension issues.

Being a thrilling bold park, the visitors are approached to adhere to security guidelines like wearing lifeguards, and so on to keep away from any losses. Kids ought to be joined by grown-ups.


Celebrations can be taken pleasure in the most when composed in a family-obliging mindset. Birthday festivities, parties, corporate get-togethers, and reunions are habitually driven in the entertainment place investigating changed groups. Event groups need a base number of 50 people for each celebration.


Blue World Theme Park is arranged on Mandhana Bithoor Road which is 2 km from G.T. Street in Kanpur. The city is throughout related with rail, air, and road. There are a couple of trains interfacing the city to the rest bits of the metropolitan regions. The rail line stations of the city are Kanpur Central, Kanpur Anwarganj, Govind Puri, Panki, and Rawatpur.

Kanpur has an air terminal in any case there are relatively few flights worked to Delhi as such most travelers like to go on an outing to Lucknow which is discovered 70 km away from Kanpur. A taxi, train, or transport can be taken from Lucknow to show up at Kanpur. The chief vehicle stop is the Jhakarkati transport stop.

Section Price and Timings

Blue World Theme Park is open from 10.30 am till 8.00 pm in the evening. There is no segment charge for a youngster under the height of 90 cm. The entry is free for the guest if it is their birthday. Charges for the Park are orchestrated by the height of the visitor.

At whatever point visited on any day from Monday to Friday for a person with a reach from 90 cm to 110 cm the charges for Full Park visit is Rs 350 while for Dry Park and Fairy Land Water World visit is Rs 250 independently. For individuals more than 110 cm of height, the charge for a Full Park visit is Rs 650 while for Dry Park and Fairy Land Water World is Rs 500 independently.

Visits to the entertainment place on Saturday or Sunday costs Rs 400 for individuals with a height of 90 cm to 110cm to visit the complete park while for individuals with more than 110cm stature the charges are Rs 750. Charges for Dry Park and Fairy Land Water World are Rs. 300 for individuals with a height between 90 cm to 110 cm and for individuals with more than 110 cm height the charges are Rs 600 each.


By and by it's ensured to have some happy occasions as indicated by government headings and decision, we are set up to offer agreeable to our visitors like beforehand, anyway in a significantly better way. All things considered, the security of our visitors is reliably an amazing maxim, so we have revived our rules book, from Limited area impediments, warm screening checks to keeping up cordial eliminating in the entertainment community.

The prosperity of our visitors is premier so we encourage our visitors to reliably wear a shroud. We are welcoming you and your family with all our homework done, cleaned premises, extended additional deterrents to diminish contamination among visitors and agents, signage's placed in the entertainment community premises to show visitors concerning their prosperity measures, availability of hand sanitizer allocators arranged across the amusement community, rides/slides sanitization, extra rooms disinfection, markings done in the diversion place premises to keep up cordial isolating.



Bring a reasonable Face Mask-Please bring and wear an appropriate face cover. If it's not too much trouble, note that it is compulsory to wear a safely fitted face cover inside the recreation center premises.

Go through Thermal Screening registration guests are mentioned to go through a non-contact temperature check at the appearance point.

Try not to visit in the event that you are showing any side effects of Covid-19-We affably demand you not to visit the recreation center, in the event that you are showing any manifestations of Covid-19 like high temperature, nonstop hack, misfortune, or change to your feeling of smell or taste, and so forth

Keep a Social Distance-Visitors are mentioned to keep a social separation convention.

Cleanliness Measures-We affably demand you to keep up with the most noteworthy conceivable cleanliness measures. Getting a hack or sniffle with a tissue and completely washing your hands or utilizing hand sanitizers.

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