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JESUS DUREZA:After the peace agreement was signed with the Moro National Liberation Front in 1996, it was really important that there must be immediate intervention in terms of improving the lives of people, especially assisting the former combatants. The coming in of donor-nations and donor agencies like USAID had really put in flesh what was really intended in that agreement.

This work mainly focuses on anomaly detection in an industrial manufacturing inspection context. To address non-uniform data in this domain, we design a novel additional module that explores the benefit of robust image transformations to introduce variation into existing normal images. At the same time, a combination of multi-level features is added to a multivariate Gaussian distribution model to enhance the normality learning process. Our proposed method, Hierarchical Image Transformation and Multi-level Features (HIT-MiLF), explores the new additional transformation samples and improves the relationship of high-dimensional features of CNN. Our approach can be viewed as an additional module to assist in the feature extraction process for non-ideal or poison images. Unlike other works, our method exploits the model to learn more variety from normal images rather than introducing variety into normal images for anomaly detection. We prove that the model becomes more sensitive to perturbances in testing samples for both normal and defect samples. Our method also achieved higher prediction scores on test images with various poison levels compared to a model without HIT-MiLF. 041b061a72


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