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Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Starting a lifestyle blog presently is not less than an amazing dream. Through this article, I'll assist you to get a hand on how to start a successful lifestyle blog from scratch so that you get a little closer to your goal. You will get to see all the essential points you must have an idea related to lifestyle blogging and how to be a wonderful lifestyle blogger. So, here it is!


A lifestyle blog is known to be online content showing the writer's way of living and preferences. The word “lifestyle” as per the dictionary means “habits, behavior, moral standards, which together form the way of life of a person or group”.

Lifestyle blogs can be differentiated into several micro-niches. This helps bloggers to offer content for a certain target audience. Lifestyle bloggers usually promote brands, and services to monetize the blogs. So it’s necessary that the blogger is well-versed in whatever the specific topics are.

A lifestyle blog is a more general blog that is less niche-specific but it is equally valuable. It can be a bit tough to exactly describe a lifestyle blog but it can be done easily. When you decide to start a lifestyle blog, you just need to be transparent about who you are, and what you’re going to do with your blog.

Most importantly, you should have a clear and quirky perception of your way of living. This will allow you to have an amazing blogging voice. Let me remind you, Lifestyle bloggers are successful like niche bloggers, but those bloggers explain their blogs in a perfect manner. In lifestyle blogging, you can write, and share almost every section i.e. food, home decor, happiness, career, etc.

The most important part which will offer your lifestyle blog great attention is your own way of life.

Here’s a shortlist of typical Lifestyle Blogging niches:

*Luxury Lifestyle Blogs

*Foodie Lifestyle Blogs

*Home & Garden Lifestyle Blogs

*Fashion Blogs & Beauty Lifestyle Blogs

*Travel Blogs & Photography Lifestyle Blogs

*Health & Fitness Lifestyle Blogs

*Men’s Lifestyle Blogs

*Natural Living Lifestyle Blogs

*Outdoor Lifestyle Blogs

Most of the time these sections get divided into different parts, according to the writer. So you could end up with a Travel Blog, A Natural Living Blog, or a Photography blog.

Lifestyle blogs are not personal blogs because they are written according to the readers.

In personal blogs, the writer's thoughts matter a lot, writes about his experiences, feelings, reflections. In the personal blog, the blogger is the most important.

Thinking of how it will affect others' lifestyles?


Several writers are confused about writing a lifestyle blog.

Blogging is a lot of fun and creativity. Don't forget to put yourself completely in the blog, and you will have awesome traffic. Be real, hone blogging skills and learn to be an influencing blogger.

Briefly, enjoy blogging!

It shouldn't be a tedious activity. Your creativity should keep flowing. Your blogs must be influencing. Clearly, there’s so much you can do with a lifestyle blog.

The best part of writing lifestyle blogs is that it offers complete freedom to blog on any topic.


Here are some important steps to help you learn all about how to start a successful lifestyle blog from the beginning. This process will take you through steps you must follow to start a website of your own that you can monetize also.

Let’s get started.


Firstly, lifestyle blogging demands a niche. People must be offered a really good reason to visit your blog over the blogs written by others.

So, how do you choose a niche for a lifestyle blog?

Have a clear focus. One must have a transparent reason to get successful. Think of some combinations of ‘College girl lifestyle’ or ‘Young mommy lifestyle lessons’. In both of these examples, clearly shows that who you are, and what you’re going to do on your blog. You can also choose two different niches and merge them. The main point is to have a crystal-clear idea. The blog should be unique and must explain your identity. I hope you get the idea.

It’s okay to blog on unlike topics, but they should have clear dimensions.

Pick a niche, define it, and the factors you'll be covering in the blog.

If you are confused, this post on finding a blog niche will definitely help you decide on a niche.

The next step you must focus on is choosing a domain.


Before getting into blogging, one must be ready with a domain name. It’s very important to have a custom domain for your blog.

Your domain will look something like this . This custom domain gives you complete ownership of the domain.

There are few options you can go with. You can use your own name as the domain name or merge your name with a creative word. But try to decide on the domain with the same name as your lifestyle blog. Pick an easy name that is unforgettable.


The next step is to choose a blogging platform.

When it comes to blogging platforms, I wholeheartedly recommend Wix for a lot of reasons. As a blogger, you spend a lot of time on your website performing different tasks. Your website adds a unique value to your personality. Of course, as a lifestyle blogger, you would want to personalize it on your own. That’s where we need the best blogging platform which gives us reliability, a friendly experience, etc.

Wix clearly wins it! Even if you have zero technical skills, is still easy to operate.

You can’t start a self-hosted blog without hosting. Your website needs hosting!

This takes us to our next point, "website hosting".


There are many website hostings that allow you to host your website at different plans. As you’re just getting started, the basic plan will be the best to host your new lifestyle blog, but with Wix, you don't need to take additional hosting as you can use their platform to host your website, and they even have kept the pricing very low, so you can give them a try !!


A theme explains the appearance of your blog. It depends on how would you like the design of your blog. You can always personalize your blog on your own by making some tweaks, and changes.

The aesthetic appeal of the website really matters. It includes color, fonts, images, widgets, etc. The website responsiveness matter. The theme offers the first impression of your blog.

In lifestyle blogs, there are many alternatives. I would advise a theme that’s in your budget, and friendly.

When you go self-hosted, you can also download and use any free theme.

Investing in a premium theme will give you long-term benefits. But, you can choose free themes, and later invest in a paid theme, if you are low on a budget.


Creating valuable content is the essential part. List down all of your blog ideas, and write one pain point you’re going to solve for your readers.

The Wix dashboard is easy to understand. The more you use it, the easy it becomes.

A blog planner keeps you organized always. I know the feeling when a new blog gets published, and you’re excited to write more every day. So, this can make you overwhelming.


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