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Updated: Sep 11, 2021


Menstrual cups are a very recent addition to the Female hygiene market. This instrument is reusable and is getting famous for being Eco- friendly as well as being cost-effective. These cups also prove to be leak-proof that makes them a better reliable option than conventional sanitary pads and tampons.

What exactly is a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is a kind of durable feminine hygiene instrument. It’s a small, flexible funnel-shaped cup made of rubber or silicone that you insert into your vagina to collect period fluid.

Cups can hold more blood than other methods, leading many women to use them as an eco-friendly alternative to other products. And depending on your flow, you can wear a cup for up to 12 hours.

Available brands of reusable cups include the Keeper Cup, Moon Cup, Lunette Menstrual Cup, DivaCup, Lena Cup, and Lily Cup. There are also a few disposable menstrual cups in the market, such as the Instead Softcup.

Keep reading to learn more about Menstrual cups.

Step by step instructions to utilize a Menstrual cup

In case you're keen on utilizing a Menstrual cup, talk with your gynecologist. Despite the fact that you can purchase any of the brands on the web or in many stores, you'll initially need to discover what estimate you need. Most feminine cup brands sell little and huge adaptations.

To sort out the privileged Menstrual cup size for you, you and your PCP ought to consider:

your age

length of your cervix

regardless of whether you have a weighty stream

solidness and adaptability of the cup

cup limit

strength of your pelvic floor muscles

on the off chance that you've conceived an offspring vaginally

More modest feminine cups are generally suggested for ladies more youthful than 30 years of age who haven't conveyed vaginally. Bigger sizes are regularly suggested for ladies who are more than 30 years of age, have conceived an offspring vaginally, or have a heavier period.

Before you put in your Menstrual cup

At the point when you utilize a Menst