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Vag Com Crack: A Complete Guide for VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda Owners

the legislation does not have any effect on sentences for powder cocaine offenses. rather, it reduces the disparity between sentences for crack and powder cocaine by narrowing the distinction between the two forms of the drug. the law creates a new, lower crack cocaine threshold to trigger mandatory minimums that is 5 grams instead of 100. it also lowers the crack cocaine threshold from 50 grams to 28 grams. the new standard for triggering the mandatory minimums of the anti-drug abuse act is identical to the standard in the fair sentencing act.

how to use vag com crack


crack cocaine is the street name for a form of cocaine base that is made by the process of heating a mixture of cocaine and cocaine base in a process called "cooking." in 1995, the congress enacted a statute that mandated a mandatory minimum sentence of five years for certain low-level crack cocaine offenders. prior to the enactment of the crack statute, crack cocaine offenders faced the same penalties as cocaine powder offenders. as a result, those convicted of crack cocaine offenses were serving sentences far longer than their powder cocaine counterparts. the crack cocaine statute created a new legal distinction in sentencing between those who engaged in crack cocaine offenses and those who engaged in powder cocaine offenses. this new law resulted in the sentencing disparity that exists today, which is the difference between the minimum penalties for crack cocaine and powder cocaine offenses. this trend has continued and is expected to continue.

the fair sentencing act of 2013, as amended by the fair sentencing act of 2015, reduces the 100:1 disparity between the minimum penalties for crack cocaine and powder cocaine offenses by eliminating the 100:1 ratio in sentencing crack cocaine offenses and by reducing the threshold for the imposition of mandatory minimums for crack cocaine offenses.


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