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[S3E13] New Friends And Old [WORK]

But Frankie takes it too far. He is suddenly always following Cory and Shawn around. He eats lunch with them. He walks with them from school. He invites them to sleepovers. Cory and Shawn are afraid to tell him to leave them alone, but when they realize that all of the underclassmen are his servants because they're afraid, they begin to take advantage. Frankie notices this and feels bad, but wants to keep his friends. When all of the little kids send Cory and Shawn into a trap, Cory & Shawn realize that Frankie really is a good person, and begin treating him as such.

[S3E13] New Friends and Old

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In this episode, Twilight Sparkle accidentally switches her friends' destinies and tries to fix them. By doing so, she becomes an Alicorn princess. The title of the episode alludes to the album Magical Mystery Tour, by the Beatles. The episode features a total of seven songs, the most songs in a single episode so far, breaking the previous record of four set by A Friend in Deed.

M.A. Larson wrote the episode in November 2011.[4] In 2019, he stated that the episode was originally written as the series finale before the greenlighting of the fourth season, and would have ended with a sequence of Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash flying around Equestria and visiting other characters, followed by "a super heartfelt moment with [Twilight and] her friends" and the closing of the storybook from the first episode.[5] Ultimately, the storybook was closed in The Last Problem, the season nine finale.

Twilight and a very sleepy Spike go to Fluttershy's cottage (which, according to Rarity, is actually Rainbow Dash's cottage) to find out what's going on. They find a sullen Rainbow Dash inside and open the cottage door to the sight of dozens of woodland animals running amok. What's more, Rainbow Dash has Fluttershy's cutie mark. Twilight finds Fluttershy at Sugarcube Corner with Pinkie Pie's cutie mark, trying to make ponies laugh. Pinkie Pie, wearing Applejack's mark, is trying her best to manage Sweet Apple Acres, and Applejack (with Rarity's mark) is at Carousel Boutique trying to make dresses. Each of Twilight's friends fail miserably at their new tasks and are clearly unhappy, but they sing that they are just doing what their cutie mark is telling them to do, that it's their destiny to do so.

As she did so, she inadvertently cast the spell on the nearby Elements of Harmony, causing them all (aside from Twilight's) to change colors. Twilight deduces that this caused her friends' cutie marks to be swapped around as well. Spike suggests casting a counter spell, but there is none. He then suggests her memory-fixing spell from when Discord was freed the first time. Twilight explains that it isn't her friends' memories that have been altered but their true selves. And Zecora's cure for the cutie pox wouldn't help either. Realizing their dead-end situation, Spike reasons that maybe their friends will grow to like their new lives, but Twilight truly doubts it, accepting blame for her friends' misery.

Twilight goes up to her room and laments over her terrible mistake and how much misery she's brought to both her friends and to Ponyville. Spike consoles her, saying he's sure she'll find a way to help her friends and fix everything. Reassured, Twilight looks at a photograph of her with her friends.

Suddenly, Twilight starts to glow, and she gets an idea: if she can't remind her friends of who they are, she'll remind them of what they mean to each other. She puts the element of magic on and places the rest of the Elements in their chest, then heads out with Spike.

One by one, Twilight restores the memories and identities of each of her friends by reintroducing them to their correct roles, with the help of her restored friends and the Elements of Harmony: Rainbow Dash helps Rarity clear the weather, Rarity helps Applejack make dresses, Applejack helps Pinkie Pie save Sweet Apple Acres, and Pinkie brings smiles back to everyone in Ponyville.

With her friends restored to their true selves, Twilight has another epiphany: She knows how to complete Star Swirl's spell! She and her friends return to the library, and Twilight rewrites the spell's incantation:

Twilight appears in a strange, ethereal space full of stars and nebulae. Princess Celestia appears before her, congratulating her on creating a brand new form of magic, accomplishing something even Star Swirl the Bearded couldn't, since he didn't understand friendship the way Twilight does. She leads her student down a pathway of stars as dozens of images float by, depicting key moments in Twilight's life and study of magic and friendship. Celestia sings of how proud she is of her student, and that she is now ready to fulfill her destiny.

In the night sky over Ponyville, a variation of Twilight's cutie mark (sporting six small white stars instead of five) appears and floats down to the ground. Twilight's friends watch as the light fades away and Twilight appears, now a little taller[25] and with a pair of feathered wings.

As the others gather around to marvel at Twilight's new look, Rarity states that Twilight has become an Alicorn, with Fluttershy commenting that she looks just like a princess. Princess Celestia appears and states that Twilight is a princess, explaining that since arriving in Ponyville, she's displayed the charity, compassion, devotion, integrity, optimism, and leadership that a true princess is known for. Twilight worries that this means she won't be Celestia's student anymore. Princess Celestia says she'll still be there to help and guide her, but Twilight has just as much to teach now as she has to learn. Twilight's friends and Celestia then bow to her.

In her first official address as princess, Twilight says friendship was at one time something she didn't care much about, but she wouldn't be standing there if it weren't for the friendships she's made. She expresses to her friends her undying gratitude, and considers herself the luckiest pony in Equestria. It's an emotional day for all, even Shining Armor, who Twilight is surprised to find crying. Twilight's friends congratulate her, and she meets the five of them in a group hug.

In a reprise of the episode's first song, the newly crowned Princess Twilight Sparkle is brought out of the castle in her own chariot before she jumps out to trot and sing alongside her friends. Ponies line the city streets to witness the coronation parade, including Derpy, Cloudchaser, and Flitter. In a final shot of Canterlot, Twilight takes flight on her new wings and soars at the screen, proclaiming everything's going to be just fine.

Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) befriends a pregnant teen, Becca (Phoebe Strole). When she sees Becca reading adoption literature and that she is upset with the baby's father, Liz realizes this may be her chance to adopt a baby. Liz creates a job for Becca as the TGS with Tracy Jordan youth consultant. Liz believes that encouraging Becca to follow her dream as a singer will lead her to give up her baby to Liz. However, when Becca's boyfriend, Tim (Christopher Nicholas Smith), comes to the 30 Rock building, Liz realizes that Becca and Tim should be together so that they can raise their child together, and tells them to make their relationship work.

According to Judah Friedlander, in the DVD commentary for this episode, he had to cut his hair, when Frank Rossitano gets a make-over, preparing to return to law school.[5] Friedlander revealed that a couple of lines between Frank and Jack Donaghy were cut out from the airing, in which the two are discussing the Western film Shane (1953).[5] Actress Phoebe Strole guest starred in the episode as Becca, a character Liz Lemon befriends.[5] This episode references Liz's desire to become a mother, which began in the show's first season,[6] and continued in this season when she attempts to adopt a child in the season premiere episode "Do-Over".[7]

Ryan discovers that the pills Lockwood had were a highly concentrated anti-anxiety med. This makes perfect sense to Esposito; some of his sniper friends in Special Forces used these drugs to slow their heart rate, allowing them to more easily shoot between heartbeats. Ryan's narcotics experience lets him trace the pills to Chad Rodrick, a drug dealer in SoHo specializing in designer drugs. Chad reveals that he sold the drugs to some girl named Jolene. He doesn't recognize the picture of Lockwood and doesn't know how to contact her (she contacts him).

The One Where Monica And Richard Are FriendsSeason 3, episode 1361st overall episode of FriendsMonica and Richard try to be friends.Episode InformationAir dateJanuary 30, 1997Written byMichael BorkowDirected byRobby BensonEpisode GuidePreviousThe One With All The JealousyNextThe One With Phoebe's Ex-Partner

Jake Peralta arrives at the precinct with some luggage and prepares to leave with Amy Santiago for their cruise vacation. Jake asks if Charles Boyle is sure he does not mind keeping track of Jake's cases while he is away and the latter assures Jake that he is, jokingly asking Jake not to make any new best friends on the cruise before nervously saying Jake shouldn't go. Jake tells Boyle he has been excited for this week long cruise, and plans to do nothing but lounge around. Amy then arrives and excitedly says that she has signed them up for all of the activities on the cruise except for speed dating for widows. Despite their different ideas on what to do on the cruise, Jake says he is still looking forward to the cruise and says goodbye to his coworkers.

Jake and Amy are confused on where Judy has escaped to as they have searched all over the boat, when Judy's voice calls over the water and they discover that he is on a small boat in the water, talking to Jake through a megaphone. Judy apologizes for outsmarting Jake again, but insists that he does not want to go to jail and tells Jake to check his pockets, where Jake finds the key to Judy's suite for him to stay in with Amy for the rest of the cruise. Jake yells that he will never stop chasing Judy, but as the latter cannot hear him, Judy tells Jake through his megaphone that he assumes Jake is acknowledging that they are best friends, and tells Jake to be more appreciative of Amy before sailing his boat away. In the precinct, Terry brings Debbie to Holt's office, explaining that Holt specifically asked for Debbie to be brought there. Debbie enters to find that Holt built a fort in his office, who offers to talk with Debbie about her problems. Holt apologizes for avoiding her, but promises to always be involved in her life. Meanwhile, Boyle and Rosa arrest Mr. Gotaro for murdering his previous tenant. Suspicious that he did not want to rent the apartment to them despite them being excellent potential tenants, they discovered that the toxicology report revealed the old lady who died was poisoned. Rosa asks who will be in charge of renting the apartment and Gotaro reveals that the apartment will belong to a trust controlled by the bank. Boyle then leaves to head to the bank before returning immediately to help in arresting Gotaro. On the cruise, Amy tells Jake she knows that he is upset about Judy's escape and suggests that they can spend the rest of the cruise eating shrimp in bed like Jake wanted. Jake tells Amy that he appreciates the gesture, but tells her they should continue with the activities she wanted to do. The two of them go salsa dancing, where Amy tells Jake that she appreciates him doing this for her and tells him she loves him for the first time. Jake initially replies "noice, smurt" nervously, before regaining his composure and telling Amy that he loves her too. The two kiss and realize afterwards that the event they are at is intended only for widows. 041b061a72


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