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Last Film Show (2021)

For his first international directorial, which is also supposed to be the opening film for Tribeca, the story is slightly based on his own. Marrying a lived-in experience with the Cinema Paradiso premise of a boy who discovers the love for film by working his way over it, Nalin manages to tell a heartfelt and deeply engaging story with a plausible charm in The Last Film Show (2021).

Last Film Show (2021)

Haute CoutureMany films have been made about famous designers, but this film shows those who make their fame possible by their sacrifice in long hours working in the ateliers. It shows the dedication and pride of the "petites mains" who produce the meticulous garments they produce. The Last Film ShowVisually stunning, a love letter to cinema. A young boy discovers movies and makes a deal with the projectionist to watch movies for free in exchange for his lunch. As he grows up he witnesses the impact of technology on small theaters. The Great Indian KitchenAfter marriage an educated woman tries to be the submissive wife as is expected of her in the traditional patriarchal order, but can she manage to survive a life long literal imprisonment in the kitchen when she used to have freedom and her own business. The RapistA hard-hitting social drama about a criminal psychologist who wants to know what motivated the man who raped her and what drove him to commit such crime. A film that poses many questions and reads like a thriller.

Pan Nalin writes and directs the heartwarming tale of young boy Samay, as he is mesmerised by films. He takes a break from his tiresome life, abusive father, school and day job to befriend the local theatre technician. He bribes him with his mother's food to watch stories on the big screen. Samay, who is aptly named after time, quickly finds to his dismay that the local theatre is shutting down. He vows to study light and how movies are made and team up with his friends to make his own version of a projector and film. The last film show explores how movies shape existence and provide a means of respite from them, the beauty of stories in moving pictures is highlighted. Cast members include Bhavin Rabari, Richa Meena, and Bhavesh Shrimali amongst others

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This documentary about transgender representation in cinema will have you rethinking your own responses to popular films and television shows that normalized comedic and sometimes violent depictions of how transgender persons should be treated in society. The calling out goes as far back as D.W. Griffith films and as recent as, well, now.

It accompanies powerful testimonials from famous transgender actors like Jen Richards, Laverne Cox and Leo Sheng, who remember their own reactions to the disparaging portrayals. After watching Disclosure, scenes from many popular films and television shows will, rightfully, not seem as funny the next time you encounter them. 041b061a72


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