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Cissy Strut Midi

Cissy Strut Midi

Cissy Strut is a funk instrumental by the American band The Meters, released in 1969 as the first single from their debut album. The song is one of the most sampled and covered tunes in funk music, and has been recognized as a classic of the genre. Cissy Strut features a catchy groove, a simple melody, and a distinctive organ sound.

A midi file is a digital representation of musical notes and events, which can be played by a computer or a synthesizer. Midi files can be used to create, edit, and arrange music, as well as to learn and practice songs. Midi files are also useful for transcribing and analyzing music, as they can display the notes and rhythms in a visual format.

Download Zip:

There are many midi files available online for Cissy Strut, which can help musicians and fans to enjoy and explore this classic funk tune. Some of the midi files are based on the original recording by The Meters, while others are adaptations or variations by different artists. Some of the midi files also include sheet music for different instruments, such as piano, guitar, bass, drums, saxophone, trumpet, and trombone.

Here are some examples of websites that offer midi files for Cissy Strut:

  • [Musescore]: This website provides free sheet music and midi files for various instruments and ensembles. You can download, print, play, and share the scores online. There are several versions of Cissy Strut on this website, such as [this one] for mixed ensemble.

  • [Midiworld]: This website offers a large collection of midi files for various genres and artists. You can download and play the midi files for free. There is a midi file for Cissy Strut on this website, which you can find [here].

  • [Nonstop2k]: This website specializes in electronic dance music midi files. You can download and upload midi files for free, as well as request and vote for new ones. There is a midi file for Cissy Strut on this website, which you can find [here].

If you are interested in learning more about Cissy Strut and its history, you can check out some of these articles:

  • [The Story Behind The Meters' 'Cissy Strut']: This article by NPR Music explores the origins and influence of Cissy Strut, as well as its connection to New Orleans culture and politics.

  • [How to play 'Cissy Strut' by The Meters]: This article by Guitar World provides a detailed lesson on how to play the guitar part of Cissy Strut, with tabs, audio examples, and tips.

  • [Cissy Strut: The Ultimate Funk Groove]: This article by Drum Magazine analyzes the drum part of Cissy Strut, with notation, video examples, and exercises.

I hope you enjoyed this article on Cissy Strut Midi. Have fun playing and listening to this funky tune!


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