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Htc Vive Controller Buy

This VIVE Controller features a wireless design that lets you carry it and use it. Connect the device to interact directly with virtual reality games as you play them. It is suitable for both home entertainment and large gaming events. The HTC VIVE VR controller has a built-in USB-C port to plug in and charge it for extended use. Built with a G-sensor, it can detect the force of movements. The wireless VR controller also has a Gyro sensor to maintain awareness of the angle at which you are holding it and may reflect this in the VR game. An LED indicator on the outside helps show the status of the gamepad. Included with the VR headset controller is a power adapter for charging as well as a lanyard to attach it to your wrist. You can use this controller in your left hand.

htc vive controller buy

The problem: I'm trying to do some motion activated controls. Pretty simple, the user holds down the trigger and if he or she moves the controller to the right, a UI slider increases in value. If he or she moves the controller to the left, the slider decreases in value. However, the increase and decrease directions are only valid, if I'm facing a certain direction (let's call it forward or 0 degrees). If I instead face "backwards" (flip around 180 degrees), when the controller is moved to the left, the values increase, and they decrease when the controller is moved to the right (i.e. the everything flips). If i stand at either 90 or 270 degrees, functionality breaks down completely.

Any ideas on reversing the axis for the "backwards" and "left" directions so that moving the controller right still increases the values rather than decreasing them? (I was thinking I could get the angle between the camera and controllers and if it is greater than 120, flip the inequality this is rather crude but seems to be fairly effective. However, the angle for the "left" direction can be anywhere between 120 and 40 degrees making it hard to accurately flip the inequalities) Or fixing the sensitivity of the slider when facing "left" and "right"? (Maybe I should project onto a different axis?, not having a threshold at all is a bad idea as then it is nearly impossible to control the slider accurately).

This turns your controller's velocity to the screen's local coordinates. So no matter what orientation the screen is, it will always have the same relative coordinates on your controller. I.e. move along the screen increases the x, move up along the screen increases the y, etc.

Hey! Thanks for the reply this sounds exactly like what I need what I thought could be done! The rotation is relative to the player's current look direction in other words, the position of the HMD (I assume this is what you mean by UI Virtual screen? or do you mean the world space UI were the slider exists? Regardless position is also relative to the latter since the UI is tied to the camera view anyway). Also, the steamVR controllers don't have a rigidbody (easy enough to change of course) I just want to make sure that by velocity you mean the rigidbody property :). Unfortunately I'm out of town and I won't be able to apply this until I get back but I definitely will and let you know if it did the trick!

Hi everyone I would like to open a door with my vive's controllers. I've setup the door with physic constrain but I can only hit it and it rotate around it axis. I would like to be able to grab the handle and make it follow my controller. I can't...

Hi. I am trying to fire a weapon off holding the motion controller trigger being held down. Currently off the input 'motion controller trigger' i fire once, but am stuck how i read a hold. I don't see a trigger down or trigger up input in the...

First unveiled back in February, the Vive Focus Plus builds on the company's formerly China-exclusive Focus Plus headset. Unlike its eponymous Vive, the Vive Focus and Focus Plus are designed to be entirely standalone with no tether back to a driving PC and all the hardware it needs - bar a pair of motion-tracking wand controllers - built directly into the headset itself.

The Vive Focus Plus, as the name implies, is designed to improve on its predecessor. The redesign includes, aside from the handheld controllers, enhanced comfort and redesigned Fresnel lenses which are claimed to offer sharper visuals and a reduction in the 'screen door effect' that can ruin the user's immersion in the virtual world. A bigger shift is in its support for 'multi-mode' use: In addition to acting as a standalone headset, the Vive Focus Plus can be linked to PCs, laptops, smartphones, games consoles, video streaming devices, and even 'upcoming Cloud VR services', HTC has confirmed.

Sadly, the Vive Focus Plus isn't going to be cheap: While competitors are participating in an apparent race to the bottom, HTC is opting for the high end and has confirmed that the Vive Focus Plus will be aimed at enterprise users and hold a $799 (around 606 excluding taxes) price tag when it launches in April. For this, buyers receive the headset, a pair of wand controllers, and 'enterprise support [and] an enterprise licence for use at no additional cost'. 041b061a72


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