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Rise Of The Tomb Raider [Region Free][PAL][NTSC...

ciao a tutti. Vorrei sapere se un titolo USA che si chiama "Cabela's alaskan adventures" uscito per xbox 360 usa a fine settembre 2006 è region free o meglio se funziona su console PAL. Help!!!! grazie

Rise of The Tomb Raider [Region Free][PAL][NTSC...

The Chinese Xbox One is region locked though, but I think that there's a digital (downloadable) version of Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate CHN that's region free. So wouldn't the disc version be region locked?

No, the disc is not region locked. I have it and have completed the game. It doesn't come from China. It's a Traditional Chinese language version which is why it's known as the Chinese version, but it is sold in markets like Hong Kong and Taiwan which are region free, making the disc region free as well.

The rise of video games as a mass phenomenon, which began around 1997 with the Sony PlayStation and with the popularity of the excellent interactive, animated role-playing games (RPGs) of Square Enix, such as the Final Fantasy series, led me to explore the full potential of video games as interactive multimedia narratives in the language classroom. At the time, I was a Graduate Fellow in Italian at Trinity College in Hartford, CT, where they had just received a substantial Mellon Grant for language technology development. This allowed me to obtain the resources to experiment early on with digital realia. Along with my scholarly duties, I was also working as a freelance writer for one of the leading Italian video game magazine at the time, Super Console. The experience further stimulated my intellectual curiosity regarding the potential use of video games in learning. The process for my classroom experimentation in those days was a complex one. It involved using an Italian copy of Final Fantasy VIII (the fist chapter to have been fully localized in Italian) in the PAL (Italian) video standard running on a modified, region-free PlayStation 1 system in the NTSC (North American) television standard connected to a multi-standard projector in a high-end, state-of-the-art multimedia lab.

Things are much easier now thanks to recent technical advancements, namely the advent of HDMI and, as a consequence, region-free and multi-language games. I can purchase a game anywhere in the world and play it anywhere in the world, in multiple languages. 041b061a72


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