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Japanese Webmoney Buy ((BETTER))

The second is getting yourself a WebMoney card, which is essentially a prepaid card used for many kinds of online games in Japan. There are various ways to do this, but the cheapest option I know of is using this site: -webmoney-prepaid-card

japanese webmoney buy

Step 2. You're gonna need a VPN to get by the ip block that the site has. It won't let you continue the purchase if your outside of japan. So lets go ahead and download Soft Ether VPN. Once you have it installed, open it up and find a japanese ip to connect to and make sure the connection has a reasonably good line speed. If you can't find one that's fast enough connect to another one until you get one that has a decent speed. Once your connected, head over to the Square Enix E-Store.

so, is there any way at all to buy this digitally in USA anymore? im trying to return to game, but webmoney wont let you set up an account in USA and i cant find any sort of prepaid card that i can buy with USD or anything. not even seeing an option to buy/use crysta on the store anymore 041b061a72


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